10 Lines Essay on Mahabalipuram in English for Students

  1. Mahabalipuram is a very famous town in Tamil Nadu.
  2. People, especially tourists and historians, are attracted to this state for its temples and monuments.
  3. The old name for this city is ‘Mamallapuram’.
  4. A lot of stone and wood art will be seen in this city.
  5. Sea shells are also a famous thing to locate in the marketplaces of this city.
  6. The population of this state is about 12,049 based on the 2023 census.
  7. The literacy rate is higher than the state’s literacy rate.
  8. The people in this city speak in Tamil.
  9. It is also known for the beach which is about 20 km.
  10.  Majority of the male are seen to be using dhoti and females are seen to wear sarees.