10 Lines Essay on Madhubani Painting in English for Students

  1. Madhubani art is also known as Mithila art 
  2. It is a very unique style of painting.
  3. It is believed to have been originated from the state of Bihar 
  4. This is a piece of artwork that takes a lot of time, patience, sincerity and dedication.
  5. Good Madhubani art is expensive.
  6.  No ordinary pen is used for this painting. The pen used is known as Nib pen.
  7. This painting speaks a lot of volume in expressing morals , values and customs.
  8. This painting is done on walls, clothes and canvas.
  9. The paint itself is also not ordinary, rather they are taken from plants. 
  10.  A Lot of paintings on moon, sun flowers are done through this form of art which also shows the viewers on their strong connection with nature.