10 Lines Essay on Igloo House in English for Students

  1. An igloo house is also called a snow house. 
  2. It is the kind of shelter suitable for the people living in the snow. 
  3. They are also called winter homes or hunting rest places where the people would dwell after having a long walk or hunt.
  4.  It is extremely amazing how igloos generate trap heat.
  5.  It blocks cold winds while preserving heat generated by your own body temperature. 
  6. The Inuit, better known to many as Eskimos, invented the igloo centuries ago.
  7.  It is not certain as to the correct date or year it originated. 
  8. In places where there is no snow, fake igloos are built as a sort of representation to show people.
  9. It cannot be built in warm or plain areas.
  10. Igloos are dome-shaped as they help in heat retention.