10 Lines Essay on If I had a Superpower in English for Students

  1. If I had a superpower it would be the power to be invisible.
  2.  I think it would be extremely fun and exciting.
  3.  I would love to help people in need and take them by surprise. I would be the sort of wonder to them and help them along the way. 
  4. Being invisible helps solve crimes and be a part of the good superheroes.
  5.  I would love to go to any place I wish without having to pay any taxes.
  6.  I would love to bring a good change in society by reducing crimes and all atrocities.
  7. Being invisible I believe would help me achieve the impossible. 
  8. I would enjoy the feeling of nonexistence and do all that I please. 
  9. I would also love to prank my friends and family. 
  10. It would give me the perfect opportunity to correct all the evil doing I the society.