10 Lines Essay On Computer Lab In English For Students

  1. A computer lab is a room or space that houses computers to be used by a defined community. 
  2. The most common space where you can spot a computer lab is in an educational institution. 
  3. A computer lab is being set up in schools, colleges, and other computer training centres for teaching purposes for the students. 
  4. Students can use the computer lab to learn how to use a computer and to update their skills. 
  5. Big computer labs in educational institutions are also used to conduct computer-based online examinations. 
  6. In colleges, the computer lab is very helpful for the students to do their research activities. 
  7. Students who do not have their own personal computer can use the computer lab.
  8. All computers in a computer lab will use the same login credentials, allowing the institution where the lab is located to monitor user activity.
  9. Computers in a lab will almost certainly have internet access.
  10. Computers are arranged in rows in a computer lab.