10 Lines Essay On Community Workers Doctor In English For Students

  1. The health of each and every person contributes to the health of a society. 
  2. Doctors are the community workers who play a great role in ensuring the public health of a society. 
  3. A doctor treats a person when he or she is ill. 
  4. They treat the person and prescribe medicines for them. 
  5. In some situations, doctors sacrifice many of their personal items while treating their patients. 
  6. The best doctors are not just the ones who know about all the medical theories; they are also the ones who treat their patients with love and compassion.
  7. A doctor is a lifesaver. 
  8. At the time of a virus outbreak, a doctor risks their own life to treat the patients.
  9. They also ensure the society’s health by providing awareness to the public about epidemics and communicable diseases.
  10. A doctor gives hope and motivates their patients.