10 Lines Essay On Coconut Tree In English For Students

  1. The coconut tree is a palm tree. 
  2. The coconut tree is long and has leaves at the top. 
  3. It has no stem or branches. 
  4. The products of a coconut tree have many uses. 
  5. The coconut tree is found in more than 90 countries, mainly in the Asia and Pacific regions. 
  6. Coconut trees grow in tropical, wet climates. 
  7. The flower of the coconut tree is used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicine.
  8. The dried leaves of a coconut tree can be used to make the roofs of small huts. 
  9. Coconut fruit and the oil extracted from the fruit are used for cooking. 
  10. From the coconut husk, which is the outer covering of the fruit, we get coir, or coconut fiber, which is used in the manufacture of rope.