10 Lines Essay On Cobbler In English For Students

  1. A cobbler is a person who repairs shoes and sandals. 
  2. We can see a cobbler in a city or a village. 
  3. A cobbler runs their daily expenses with the money they get from repairing shoes and sandals. 
  4. A cobbler is very useful to us. 
  5. When we go out and, unexpectedly, our shoes or sandals get torn and we are unable to wear them, then cobblers will help us. 
  6. Cobblers are economically weak, as they get little money from repairing shoes or sandals. 
  7. A cobbler will set up a cobbler’s shop on the sidewalks.
  8.  A cobbler will have a toolbox that contains tools to repair the shoes. 
  9. There are more male cobblers than female cobblers. 
  10. Cobblers repair the shoes and sandals in the best quality.