10 Lines Essay On Chaar Sahibzaade In English For Students

  1. “Chaar sahibzaade” is a traditional term used to refer to the four sons of “Guru Gobind Singh ji”.
  2. Guru Gobind Singh ji was the tenth sikh guru.
  3. Zorawar Singh Ji and Fateh Singh Ji were the younger pair also known as “Chote sahibzade”.
  4. “Chote sahibzaade” were only 6 and 9 years old, when they were martyred together by Mughals at Sirhind.
  5. Ajit Singh Ji and Jujhar Singh Ji were the older sahibzade also known as “Vaada sahibzade”.
  6. “Vaada sahibzade” died fighting in the battle field in the younger age of 14 and 18 years at “Chamkaur Sahib”.
  7. The martyrdom of four sons is an unforgettable part of sikh history.
  8. The day of their martyrdom is remembered both with vigor and sadness.
  9. 21st December and 26th December hold very precious memories for Sikhs all around the world.
  10. “Chaar Sahibzada” are the perfect examples to prove that bravery has nothing to do with age.