1 Minute Speech on the Importance of Family In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I’ll be giving a short speech on the topic of the importance of family. 

Google defines the term family to be “a group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.”

This is the traditional definition of a family. The family consists of persons who are closely related to one biologically, typically the mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, brother, and sister. Family, in this sense, becomes very important as filial bonds play a crucial role in one’s life. The emotional bond and intimacy one shares with their family, especially in childhood, creates a strong mental impact on one which will get reflected throughout their life.

However, a family now could also be a “found family”, wherein people close to us, such as friends, become family. The importance of considering people as family is showcased here, indicating how the sense of family is an important rock in everyone’s life.  

Thank you.