1 Minute Speech on Ocean In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I will be giving a short speech on the topic of the ‘Ocean’.  

Google defines the term ‘ocean’ to be “a very large expanse of sea, in particular each of the main areas into which the sea is divided geographically.”

Ocean, simply put, is a large water body that consists of salt water. Approximately, it covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and is said to contain 97% of the Earth’s water as a whole. 

In the world, there are 5 oceans prevalent. They are the Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Pacific Ocean. Here, the Arctic Ocean is the smallest whereas the Pacific Ocean is the biggest. The Southern or Antarctic Ocean was recognised as one only later. 

Technically speaking, there exists only one ocean on planet Earth- the Global ocean, that is. However, different ocean names have been given to the 5 oceans based on geographical, navigational, scientific, and historical reasons.

Thank you.