1 Minute Speech on Changing Face of India In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I’ll be making a small speech on the topic ‘Changing Face of India’. 

The India of ancient days is not the India we see today. India is not even what it was a decade ago! The developing country that it is, its progress may be small but is significant and can be seen as the years come by.

India has attained much growth in various fields, be it science, technology, and even in industry. The Indian economy as a whole has, in fact, seen a major surge, the inflation rate astonishing.

India has also seen enormous growth pertaining to women, who previously were oppressed a lot. Caste system is not as rigid either. 

India still has a lot to work on in these fields. The development is not complete but we are getting there.

Thank you!