1 Minute Speech On Cars In English

Good morning to everyone, I would like to express my gratitude to the principal, the teachers, and my friends for letting me tell you about the cars. In 1769, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot of France created the first automobile, which is still in use today. Nikolaus Otto invented gasoline-powered cars in 1876, improving their dependability and utility. Everyone’s life has been greatly simplified by this technology, which enables people to go a vast distance quickly with cozy seats, air conditioning, and many other advantages.

Throughout the twenty-first century, cars have grown in popularity, giving them an easy means to travel vast distances and go from one place to another. Yet, they can also result in accidents and produce pollutants. People should cease using mobile phones while driving and switch to electric vehicles to overcome these drawbacks. Businesses are introducing electric vehicles that don’t release any dangerous gasses that might endanger the environment. Thank you.