1 Minute Speech On Better Late Than Never In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I’ll be taking on the topic “better late than never”.

This is a well-known adage. It refers to how we often tend to put off our work and end up not doing it at all. Sometimes, we even forget all about it! 

This behaviour is neither good nor healthy. We must not give up just because we have not done it within the specified time. Being late to do the work is significantly better than never doing it at all! Doing the work holds predominance, no matter how late. ‘It is never too late’ is also a well-known adage, remember? 

That being said, it is also not good to be late. This proverb is thus a roundabout way of asking us to do our work on time and not end up being late and consequently never doing it.

Thank you!