1 Minute Speech On Afforestation In English

Good morning to one and all present here. Today, I’ll be giving a speech on the topic  ‘afforestation’.

What is afforestation? In layman’s terms, afforestation is planting trees in a barren area in order to create a forest.

Today, there is an increasing need for wood. Deforestation is rampant thus. This leads to major implications for nature and our lives hence.

Afforestation is hence the best solution for the future of mankind. It has major benefits such as increasing rainfall, reducing global warming, and reversing biodiversity losses.

Also, its advantages do not end there. It prevents soil erosion and degradation, reduces the rate of carbon emissions, and provides carbon sinks in turn, increases the supply of forest products significantly, and even provides job opportunities to those unemployed. The benefits of afforestation are thus endless, with no negative implications to society or nature!

Plant more trees! Protect nature!

Thank you.