Write An Application To The Teacher Requesting For One Day Leave In English

The Headmaster
Govt High School

Subject:- One day leave application.

Respected Sir,

  Most Humbly and respectfully, I am writing this application to bring to your kind attention that my Son is not feeling well from the past two days. Today, I must take him to the doctor to get proper treatment. I also have the appointment of the doctor at 13:00 Hrs. Please sanction one-day leave in my favour as I would not be able to discharge my duties for today in the school. My son is eight years old and can not get himself checked as he needs someone to be with him. I would be highly obliged if the leave is sanctioned by you in my favour. I shall join the school tomorrow. 

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully
Ravi Kumar Dahia
Employee Code – 100001413