Write An Application To The Principal Requesting One Day Leave Due To Fire Incident In English

The Principal
Delhi Public School
Jawahar Nagar

Subject:- Application for one day leave due to fire incident.

Respected Sir,

  I am writing this application to request a leave for one day from school due to a fire incident that happened in my house last night. I have been living with my parents, my younger brother and sister, and my grandmother in a two-storey house. Last night, while we were all asleep, a fire broke out in the kitchen.

Fortunately, we were all able to evacuate in time and the fire was put out. However, there is a lot of smoke damage throughout the house and it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The fire department and our insurance company have been helping us with the repairs and cleanup.

I need to be present at home to supervise the work and take care of the paperwork. Therefore, I will not be able to attend school today. I hope you understand the situation and kindly grant me a leave for one day. I will be back in school tomorrow.

Yours Faithfully
Rishi Kapoor
Class 11th