Write An Application To The Principal Requesting Leave For Thread Ceremony In English

The Principal,
Shanti High School,
MG road,

Subject: Leave for Thread Ceremony

Good evening sir,

My name is M. Suraj, studying in 6th standard (Roll no. :2343). As you know, there is a sacred rite of passage ritual for all Hindus called as Thread ceremony or Upanayana. It’s compulsory in my community as a ceremony for boys in to confirm they are of an age to take on religious responsibility. It’s usually a one-day ceremony. I have my Thread ceremony on the 23rd of October. So, please grant me leave for a day to complete my ceremony. 

Yours truly,
M. Suraj
F.No 23, Brigade Meadows,
Indira Nagar,
Bengaluru- 560080