Write An Application To The Principal Requesting Leave Due To Eye Problem In English

The Principal
Army School
Delhi 6,

Subject:- Application for leave due to eye problem

Respected Sir,

  I am writing this application to inform you that from the past week, I was unable to see clearly. Upon consulting the doctor, I have been diagnosed with Myopia. In this condition, a person is not able to see far away things clearly. Perhaps this is because of prolonged use of electronic gadgets with displays. The doctor has prescribed me to use power lenses so as to correct my vision. He has also advised me to stay home for two days, as the eyes take some time to adjust according to lenses. If a person goes outside straight after wearing these lenses, they may alter the vision and the person can fall out of imbalance. Please allow me to stay home so that I can recover and join the school immediately.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully
Roll No. 7
Class 9th D