Write An Application To The Principal For Not Attending Exams In English

The Principal
Manorama Public School

Subject:- An application to principal for not attending exams.

Respected Sir,
Most humbly and respectfully, I, Avinash Singh, a student of Class 12th of this esteemed institution, am writing this application to bring to your kind attention that I have suffered from a broken rib due to a bicycle accident last week. I have been operated upon by the doctor which also took 02 weeks from my school schedule.

Now, the school administration has announced mid-term exams after 02 days. In the light of the above matter, I have decided to skip the exams as I was not able to prepare enough for the said exams. Please allow me to skip the exams so that I can prepare fully enough and sit in the exams separately after sufficient preparations. I have full faith in your sense of justice.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully
Avinash Singh