Write An Application To The Principal For Game Period In English

The Principal
Delhi Public School

Subject:- An application for game period.

Respected Sir,

  I am writing this application to request you to give us a games period in our school. I am a student of class 8th in your school and I believe that providing us with a games period will benefit us in various ways. First of all, it will help us to stay physically fit. Nowadays, most of the children are unable to do regular physical exercise.

But having a games period will ensure that we get some physical activity throughout the week. It will also help us to stay active and energized throughout the day. Apart from physical fitness, it will also help us to develop our social skills. We can interact with other students and make new friends.

It will also help us to learn the importance of teamwork, collaboration and competition. Moreover, it will also help us to stay focused and motivated throughout the day. It will give us a much needed break from our studies and help us to relax.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully
Hrithik Rather