Write An Application To The Principal For Enhancing Library Facilities In English

The Principal,
High Impact Institute
Avenue Boulevard Highway, Delhi

Subject– Application for permission for enhancing library facilities

With all due respect and honor I, Aiden A, librarian of the High Impact Institute, would like to state that there has been a serious need to expand the institute’s library. With the course change, there has been the need for various other books along with the facilities in the library that need repair like that of the fan which is no longer working, the carpet and the wooden bookshelves needed to be repaired since it has gotten very old and is now very shaky.

The state library is willing to sponsor 1000 books and has given the sum of 9000 rupees for the repair. The total expenditure would approximately be around 16000/-.

I, therefore, kindly request you to see into this matter so that the institute will have an upgraded library.

Thank You

Yours obediently,
Aiden A
High Impact Institute
Avenue Boulevard Highway, Delhi