Write An Application To The Principal For Bad Behaviour In English

The Principal
Keshav School of Engineering

Subject: application for bad behaviour

Respected Sir.
I hope this letter finds you in good health. This letter is related to an incident that happened last week. I know my behavior in your office has caused you great disdain. Dear Sir, I assure you that nothing like that shall happen in the future. That brawl between me and my classmate has now been resolved.

We are on good terms and I believe that an apology letter to you is necessary. I know this will not take back all the words that I uttered to my classmate (that I should not have uttered at first) but till now I have no idea what took hold of me. Now, I have decided to be a better human being and resolve all the matters with healthy dialogue.

I also have no objection to the suspension period that you’ve placed on me. I believe that I deserved much worse treatment. Kindly accept this apology letter and forgive me for the misbehavior.

Yours Sincerely