Write An Application To The Mayor For Mosquito Eradication In English

The Mayor
Near Mahatma Gandhi metro station,
Bengaluru- 530440

Subject: Application to the mayor for mosquito eradication

Good evening sir,
We, the residents of Magadi Road within your municipality, are writing to inform you of the pandemic outbreak of dengue disease in our municipality. There have already been numerous hospitalisations.

Mosquitoes have been identified as the source of dengue disease. In stagnant water, mosquitoes lay their eggs. Cleaning up our municipal area is therefore imperative in order to eradicate the mosquitoes’ breeding grounds and ensure the safety of the general populace.

In the present both challenges, we earnestly pray and hope that you take required actions to eradicate the mosquito breeding grounds and protect the populace from an outbreak of dengue disease.

Yours sincerely,
Members of Magadi Road Association