Write An Application To The Manager Requesting One Day Leave For Cousin Marriage In English

The Manager
Myntra Pvt Ltd.
New Delhi

Subject:- One Day Leave for Cousin Marriage.

Respected Sir,

  Most humbly and respectfully I want to state that my cousin Rohit is getting married this week. Rohit and I are best friends since childhood. He has also choosen me as the best man. I have also purchased gifts for him. I am very happy that my friend is marrying the woman of his dreams. Kindly allow me to take a day off so that I can be there for him on this special occasion. I have already completed my weekly assignments in advance so that our usual work is carried on smoothly. I would be highly obliged if my request is considered by you.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully
Jai Vaid Prasad
Accounts Assistant