Write An Application To The Manager Requesting Leave For Wife Admitted In Hospital In English

The Manager,
Times of India,
Kasturba Road,
Bangalore- 588765

Subject: Leave application for wife admitted in hospital

Respected sir,
I’m writing to request a leave of absence beginning today and ending at the end of this week. My wife was brought to the hospital last night after a terrible flare that rendered her nearly immobile. As you are aware, she suffers from Systemic Lupus, which has been under control for several months until yesterday night.

I suppose it has something to do with the shift in weather, as the city has been suffering extreme heat for the previous few weeks. I would be grateful if you could authorise my leave for this week. If possible, I will come in for a couple of hours as often as possible – and even work weekends if necessary.

Thank you for understanding my predicament and being considerate of others.

Homesh Jain