Write An Application To The Manager Requesting Leave For My Friend’s Engagement In English

The Managing Director
Good Find
Bakerstreet, London

Subject – Application for the request of leave for my friend’s engagement


With all due respect and honour, I would request a leave for three days i.e.13th of March 2022 till the 15th of March 2022 because of the occasion of my friend’s engagement. The engagement will be held at Valley View Villa, Portobello Road, London. His family plans on making this occasion a grand event, with all family members living near and far attending this event primarily because my friend is the only son in the family.

He has been my childhood friend ever since we were 7 years old and grew up together. Concerning this, I would like to take three days’ leave to prepare the decorations, the stay, and the feast for the grand auspicious event. I have requested Mr. Sharma to handle all necessary tasks while I am away.

I will be available via email for any urgent needs. I assure you that I will be back to resume my work by the 14th of March. I will put forth as much effort as I have lost during my absence.

I, therefore, kindly request you to grant me my leave for which I shall remain forever grateful.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,
Everly A
Good Find
Bakerstreet, London