Write An Application To The Manager Requesting Leave For Death 40th Day Ceremony In English

The Manager, 
Industrial Area
New Delhi

Subject: Leave Application for Death 40th Day Ceremony 

Respected Sir, 

With regret and remorse, this is to bring to your kind notice that my mother has unfortunately passed away on 11th December, 2022 due to heart failure. She was very close to me and this is a great loss for the entire family. Life without her is beyond imagination. The path to recovery will be painstaking. She is not with us but we all will keep him forever alive in our prayers.

The family had organised her funeral on 12th December, 2022. I want to be there for my family during this time to support them. Her 40th day death ceremony will be conducted on 21st January, 2023. I am expected to be there to conduct the rituals. Thus I, Gauri, hereby request you to grant me a leave on 21st January, 2023. I will complete the targets assigned from home. I assure you that I will return back to work on 22nd January, 2023. 

I will be really grateful to you for accepting my leave application.

Thanking you

Yours truthfully 
Gauri E