Write An Application To The Manager For The Post Of Head Boy In English

The Manager Director
St. Stephen Academy
34th Street, Gin Road, Mumbai

Subject: Application for the post of head boy

Respected Sir,

I would like to state that I would like to stand for the post of head boy. I have the required qualities for this role. I am currently in my senior year. I have not failed in any of my years, not in any of the tests. I have a good record of my behaviour and my score. I am aware that this role will require me to assist students in special situations and help investigate incidents of violations of disciplinary rules occurring in the school or on school property.

With that, I am aware that my job will require me to represent the school at activities such as sports activities, parent events, academic functions, promotional activities, fundraising activities, charity events and social events. I am cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible.

I also have good maths skills, strong communication, and time management skills. I also have a certificate for soft-spoken skills. I am confident that I will do a good job in observing the school rules at all times, dressed appropriately at all times, maintain an excellent attendance record, being punctual in my duties, maintain a perfect behavioural record, being positive and enthusiastic and being able to encourage and motivate fellow students.

I, therefore, would kindly request you to accept my application

Thanking you

Yours truthfully,
James A