Write An Application To The Manager For A Data Analyst Position In English

The Hiring Manager
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Subject: Application for the Position of a Data Analyst


I am writing this letter to apply for the position of a data analyst at your company. Your company had recently advertised in the newspapers about hiring new data analysts, and I believe I fit the requirements. I have worked as a data analyst at an electronics company before, and I am well trained in the field.

I have a degree in Data Studies and Market Research from a reputed state university and have good technological skills, and these would be a great asset to your company. I have attached my resume which includes the details of my last job here, as well as a letter of recommendation from the CEO of the firm.

I had been awarded the “Employee of the Month” award at the firm three times, and was greatly applauded by all my colleagues and seniors. I had to unfortunately resign from the position after a year because of the office relocating to an area quite far from my home.

I have read a great deal about your company and want to join it since I am extremely inspired and impressed by your work and ideals. I am interested in Advertisements and Mass Media and firmly believe working as a data analyst at an advertising company will greatly suit me.

I am a hard working individual who learns fast, and I will be a great addition to your company. I believe I have all the necessary merits to excel as a data analyst at your company. Thus, I would be forever grateful to you if you hire me for this position. In addition, I have done several internships related to data analysis and market research at various places, the details of which are mentioned in my resume as well. I really hope you consider my application and hire me for the position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Amal Pandey