Write An Application To The Hiring Manager For Director Position In English

Hiring Manager
Future Technologies

Subject: Application for the Position of Director at your Company

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of a director at Future Technology. Your company had recently advertised on social media that they were looking to hire experienced and capable directors to take over the management of the company. I am a hardworking, driven, individual who will do everything in his power to make the company successful.

I am confident and believe myself capable of taking over this position and leading the company to its very best. I believe these are necessary qualities for a company director to have, and I definitely have them in abundance. I am a responsible person as well, and will use this responsibility to protect the prospects of the employees as well as shareholders of this company.

Thus, I believe I am highly suited to become a director at Future Technology.
Moreover, I believe I can understand the company and its ideals better than anyone else because I have an engineering degree myself, and worked as an engineer at a multinational company before resigning to become an entrepreneur. I have started several successful tech start-ups, and churned out great profits for every single one of them.

I have attached my resume here, and it has various letters of recommendations from executives at all the companies I have been associated with. I would be extremely grateful if you would consider my application as the work and ideals of your company are very inspiring to me, and it would be a delight to be a director for it.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Amal Pandey