Write A Letter To Your Friend Consoling The Death Of The Mother In English

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Hey Kiran,

I am very sorry for your huge loss. I was not present at the time. I am also sorry for not being with you during tough times. We can’t predict what will happen in our lives. Our lives are our greatest lessons. It gives us shocks and surprises. I know how much you will miss your mother for the rest of your life. She was a good friend for you. I, too, had the opportunity to feel the warmth of her motherly love. Nobody can replace her. Life gives us bitter experiences. But we should overcome and move on. Your mother does not expect you to be sad. Your mother wants you to be happy. So, remembering her, you should have the courage to overcome this bad phase of your life. You must try to fulfil her dreams and the promises you made to her. You should also become the biggest support for your father and siblings. I hope you will overcome this period of your life.

Bye and take care

Your dear friend
Parvati F