Write A Letter To Your Friend About Your Aim In Life Engineer In English

Civil Lines,

17 January 2023

Dear friend,

Hey! How are you doing? I am doing well on this side. I am going to tell you about my aim in life to become an Engineer.

I have always loved building things. I used to build boats, houses and toys for my cousins to play with. This is the only reason they used to include me in their games. Growing up I realized that I could become an Engineer. But I was scared of the tough competitive examinations that I had to clear.

3 Idiots is a movie that helped me a lot in this case. Seeing Rancho I realized why I loved building things. I have started to wholeheartedly prepare for the examinations. I hope I succeed in this, then I will be able to do what I love as a profession and create a place for myself.

Tell me about your aim in life in the next letter. Until then, take care!

Your friend,

Khushi C