Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Uses Of Computer In English

Center Point,

5 January 2023

Dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. I am also doing well on this side. As you asked me in the last letter, I am going to tell you about the uses of a computer.

Electronic devices like mobile phones and computers have made our life easy. I am going to tell you about some uses of a computer. The most basic use of a computer is data saving; you can make documents, excel sheets, presentations, and even photographs and save them on the computer.

Computers can also be a great source of entertainment. It can be used to watch movies and tv shows. A huge number of fun games can be also played on a computer. It can also perform basic as well as advanced calculations that help students in their work.

These were some uses of a computer, I hope they were helpful to you. Take care!

Your friend,
Javed C