Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Season You Like Most In English

Vasant Kunj,

4 January 2023

Dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits. I am also doing well on this side. I am going to tell you about the season I like the most.

My favorite season is the rainy season. Ever since I was a child, the sound of raindrops hitting the window has been soothing to me. The rainy season is the most beautiful season for me as the entire world feels freshly cleaned. The smell of the earth after rain also adds to the pleasing sensation.

The rainy season feels like a sigh of relief after the heat of the summer months. I love eating pakoras and Maggi while it is raining outside. My mom also reads her book to me in the evening as she takes her cup of tea. The rainy season really makes everyone happy and delightful. 

What is your favorite season? Until next time, take care!

Your friend,

Gaurav C