Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Preparation Of Annual Examination In English

Malviya Nagar,

27 December 2022

Dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits. I am mostly doing fine, just a little tense for the upcoming exam season. I am going to tell you all about my preparation for the annual examination.

After I return from school, I usually relax a little, so I can stay awake until late at night. I was never a morning person, so most of my studying happens at night. After returning from my tuition, I have a light snack and walk with my grandfather. My grandfather quizzes me on various topics during the walk. By the time I am back, I am ready to tackle any subject. I start with Maths because it is my favorite subject, and put me in a good mood, and then focus on other subjects like Science or Hindi. After having dinner, I read for a little bit and then continue with my studying. I sleep at around two or three am.

Wish me luck with my upcoming exams. Take care.

With love,

Zoya C