Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Daily Life Of A Shopkeeper In English

Commerce College Rd,

12 December 2022

Dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits. I am also doing well, just a little tired out after my exams. I am writing this as a reply to your letter asking me about the daily life of a shopkeeper. My grandfather has been running our shop for a long time. Sometimes when I stay at his home during a holiday, I join him in selling the books to the students. First of all, a little bit about the shop; our shop sells books, mostly educational and some novels, stationery items and other items of daily use. My grandfather wakes up early, has breakfast, and heads to the shop. He spends the entire day there, stocking the books, checking the accounts, and talking with the students and the merchants. His lunch is delivered to him by my grandmother. In the evening, he comes back home, and my father takes up his position at the shop. Grandfather then relaxes and watches some news on the TV. He checks the accounts every two weeks and goes to sleep early.

Take care!

Your friend,
Inayah C