Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Book Fair Held In Your School Recently In English

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Hey Ciara,

How are you? It’s been a long time since we last saw each other. I am doing well here. My school published the exam timetable for midterm examinations. It will start next month. A busy month lies ahead! I am writing this letter to let you know about a book fair that happened at my school two days ago in our school assembly hall. The book fair was organised by the Akshara Education Centre to promote the habit of reading among students. It was a two-day-long fair only for the students and staff. We were all asked by our principal to visit the fair. I accompanied my ardent reader friend, Heera, to the fair. There was a wide collection of books at the fair, especially for the age group between 5 and 18. I purchased the entire Harry Potter series with my pocket money. Though I have watched the complete Harry Potter series, I am excited to read it after my exams next month.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Tom F