Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Annual Sports Day Of Your School In English

Kurla Road,

19 November 2022

Dear friend,

Hey! How are you doing? I am also doing well. Thanks to your ‘get well soon’ wishes, I am recovering quickly from my injuries. Today was a good day as I went to my school to attend the annual sports day.

As you know, because of my accident, I couldn’t really participate in any activities, but my friends still insisted that I come. The school ground was decorated with banners of different colors, and the races had already started by the time I reached. There was also a food stall for the participants as well as the visitors. My friends treated me to a chocolate pastry and kept me company. They were really sweet. Aditya won in almost every race that he participated in. He is the only athletic one in our friend group. We ended the day at my house where my mom had cooked pizza.

We really missed you on this day. Come back soon!

Your loving friend,
Dimple C