Write A Letter To Your Friend About Study Tour In English

Science City Road,


Dear friend,

Hey! How are you? I am doing better on this side, just recovering from a cold and fever. I am going to give you a study tour in this letter.

As my exams are at the end of this month, I have decided to study very hard for the next few days. My fever has put me back in all of my classes. I have to wake up early in the morning to revise the notes for the classes that I have missed. Then after coming back from school, I rest a little. After waking from the nap, I sit down to study. I usually study for 2 to 3 hours until dinner is ready. I revise a little bit more after dinner but mostly I relax and watch an episode of a TV series or read a book. I then go to sleep early as I am extremely tired by then.

I will be grateful if you add some tips in your next letter. Take care.

With love,
Kabir C