Write A Letter To Your Friend About Smoking In English

Amir Nishan, 

15- November- 2022

Dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. I am also doing well on this side. I am going to write to you about smoking.

I am at that age when my classmates have started smoking. They also try to get me to smoke almost every time we meet outside of school. It is very annoying and honestly very sad as well. My father used to smoke a lot, and he died while suffering from lung cancer. This topic has been really emotional for me all of my life. Smoking is bad for the environment as well as the person, but still, a lot of people take pride in this habit. I try to tell people to stop this bad habit as much as possible but they rarely listen.

I wish that you could advise me on how to cope with these incidents in my life. Take care. 

Your friend,
Mayank C