Write A Letter To Your Friend About Music In English

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Dear Neerav,

How are you? How is everything in your life going on? I am doing well here. I have a sudden liking for music. I am a person who does not have the habit of hearing music often. However, hearing music on a daily basis has become a habit for me, so I make time for it. Music has the power to heal. A world without music is unimaginable. Sometimes I feel like everything happening in this world has a rhythm.

What music do you like to hear the most? I like to hear old Malayalam and Hindi movie songs the most. I also have a thing for English melodies. Music can make you happy, sad, excited, and calm. Music is a part of all celebrations. Music is even used to cure mental illnesses. There is music therapy, which uses music to help patients recover from illness. What feeling comes to mind when you hear the word “music”?

Bye and take care
Your friend

Arya F