Write A Letter To Your Friend About Lockdown Days In English

House NO 12/4
Kanak Nagar


Dear Lekha,

How are you? I don’t know whether it is the right time to ask how you are. We are all in difficult times. We are in the second phase of lockdown due to the second wave of COVID 19. In 2020, when lockdown was imposed for the first time, we enjoyed the initial days of it as we got free from our work and were in a vacation mood.

We happily spend it in our home, learning and experiencing new things. But this time, it has started to affect the mental health of many. Many people are facing depression as they were left strangled in their homes and couldn’t move out and interact with people. People who own businesses are facing a major economic crisis because they are unable to run their businesses.

Also, the second wave of COVID is spreading, more people are getting seriously ill, and the death rate is increasing. It is a difficult time, and I hope we will all survive these difficult times.

Bye and take care
Your friend 
Maya F