Write A Letter To Your Friend About Interesting Places In Kolkata In English

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Dear Megha,

How are you? My family and I went on a four-day trip to Kolkata. I am writing this letter to tell you about the interesting places that I saw in Kolkata. The first place we visited was Howrah Bridge. This is a bridge built over the river Hoogly and is known as the gateway to Kolkata.

The next place, and the one that interests me the most, is the Victoria Memorial Museum. This is a large building made of marble that is dedicated to Queen Victoria. This place contains the rich history of India, starting with the arrival of the British. The building was built between 1906 and 1921.

After that, we went to a fort built in 1696, named Fort William. This is a must-see for anyone who appreciates old British architecture. The next place of interest is New Town Eco Park, where you can do outdoor activities with your family. I loved this trip very much.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Kathy F