Write A Letter To Your Friend About How You Spent Your Summer Vacation In English

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Dear Tejaswini,

How are you? We are doing well here. Our summer vacation will come to an end in two days, and our schools are going to reopen for the next academic year. Are you excited for school to reopen? I would like to share with you how I spent my summer vacation. I learned some of the basics of the French language during this vacation. I really liked the French class and made friends with a few.

I also got a certificate that says I am qualified in the basics of the French language. I finished reading two books, one in English and the other in Malayalam. We didn’t go on any long day trips during this vacation, as my mother didn’t get vacation leave this time. But we managed to go and stay at my uncles’ and aunts’ house for two days.

We had a great time there. I also learned how to make some paper crafts during this vacation, which I will tell you more about once we meet at the school.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Nilu F