Write A Letter To Your Friend About His Illness In English

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Dear Nishad,

I hope you are doing well and recovering from your illness and the wounds caused by the surgery. Did the wounds start to heal? Most of the people have undergone surgery for appendicitis. So, it’s not uncommon. But you should be provided with strict attention and care. If you have any uneasiness or difficulty, please tell your doctor.

When is the next check-up with the doctor? Please refrain from lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous activities for a period of time after your wounds have healed. You may engage in such activities only after consulting with your doctor and receiving her approval. Also, don’t skip your medicines.

Eat healthy food, and please don’t consume junk food for a short period of time. I am confident that if you eat a healthy diet and take care of your health, your wounds will heal quickly and your illness will pass. I may come to visit you next Sunday.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Tiya F