Write A Letter To Your Friend About His Accident In English

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Dear Rohan,

I received your letter yesterday and learned that you had met with an accident. This occurred two weeks ago, and I am only now learning about it. What actually happened? I have told you many times to be careful while riding the bike and to wear a helmet. Since you wear the helmet, you’re saved from a serious head injury.

Fortunately, you were transferred to a hospital as soon as possible. Once your fractures and injury have healed, you should go meet the people who assisted you in getting to the hospital and thank them. Your family might have gotten very anxious about your health condition. Have the medicines on time and eat only healthy food.

Have a strong mind as well. It helps with fast recovery. I wish you to recover from all your injuries and fractures as soon as possible and get back to your health.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Aysha F