Write A Letter To Your Friend About Giving Some Health Tips In English


15 November 2022
Dear friend,

Hey! How are you? I am well on this side. Your mother met me yesterday in the market. She asked me to write to you about some health tips.

I have been struggling with obesity my entire life, and recently after some health issues, I have started taking my health very seriously. I am going to give you some tips so you don’t have to feel the same pain as me. First of all, try moving your body. It doesn’t matter whether it is by running or dancing, but the important thing is making exercise a part of your day. Also, you should eat in moderation, as eating a lot can make your body lazy. You can also join a sports club to get your blood pumping. I am also a part of the football club. I’ll give you the form if you are interested in the same. 

We will talk about this more when we meet. Take care.

Your loving friend,
Ananya C