Write A Letter To Your Friend About Gardening In English

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Dear Devika,

How are you? We are doing well here. What else is happening in your school and with your studies? Yesterday in my school, my life lesson teacher asked the whole class to write about our hobby. As my close friend, you know that my hobby is none other than gardening and how much I am interested in it. It is the practise of growing plants and flowers, especially for ornamentation.

Gardening is a way of getting us connected with nature and the environment. Through gardening, we learn about shrubs and herbs. We adore the beauty and scent of flowers and marvel at the arrangements of their petals. We also get to know about the different growing methods of plants in gardening.

In my garden, the rose plants I have planted have bloomed, and I can’t describe how happy I was to see them. The garden is a place where everyone enjoys spending time. A well-arranged garden gives positive vibes to anyone who visits it.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Athul F