Write A Letter To Your Friend About Favorite Book In English

House No 14/5
Kanak Nagar


Dear Ishita,

I hope you and your family are in good health and are happy. What else is happening at your school? I am writing this letter to tell you about my favourite book. My current favorite book is “Swami and Friends” by R K Narayan. This is a children’s novel, but everyone, regardless of age, would enjoy it. The story of the novel takes place in Malgudi, an imaginary town in British India. Swami, a ten-year-old schoolboy, is the protagonist of the novel, as the title suggests. The novel gives us a picture of the life of Swami, his family, his friends, his school, etc. Another important character is Rajam, who was at first Swami’s rival but later became a friend. Since the novel is set in British India, it gives a glimpse of the freedom movement by mentioning the non-cooperative movement led by Gandhi. I like the narrative of this novel very much. I recommend you read it.

Bye and take care

Your friend

 Naina F